Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Torte Reform

The first thing I'm going to say is that I've been taking too many photos of each dessert I make. This cake wasn't an exception.  Oh yes, I took a crazy amount of photos this time but how can I help myself?! Isn't it beautiful? I think it really is but maybe not as beautiful as delicious. Now - seriously. This was one of the most delicious cakes I've made. (ok, I know that I say so almost everytime I bake a cake but this time I mean it. I even ate 3 slices at the time). The sponge was soft, moist, chewy and nutty and the filling.. ohh.. the filling. It was a chocolate divine. The cake is huge so I divided the ingredients in half and baked it in a small tin but I do not reccommend it for you because it's insanely delicious. (I should have used the whole amount of ingredients, otherwise, I might have eaten 6, not 3 slices). The cake was gone the same day it was made.

I'm not really sure what "torte reform" means. I read on the internet that it's a Serbian dessert but do not know anything else. It's just very very delicious. That's why I share the recipe with you:

For the layers:
10 egg whites
300g fine sugar
300g ground walnuts (I used hazelnuts and I'm sure you can use any combination)
2 tbsp flour

For the cream:
10 egg yolks
200g sugar
60g baking or dark chocolate (I used 52%)
250g unsalted butter
3 tbsp very strong coffee (optional, but I reccommend to add this because the cream is quite stiff. I also think coffee liqueur would add a nice flavour but I didn't try it.)

1) Beat egg whites, and sugar until firm, and then gradually add walnuts and flour. Divide this batter into 4-6 parts, and bake each in a spring form pan in the preheated oven (180° C) for about 20 minutes.

) To make the cream beat egg yolks with sugar. Put it in a double boiler with chocolate and melt it stirring until cream thickness. Beat butter, and then add it to the cooled egg yolk mass.

3) Remove form the heat, and add the coffee. Let cool completely, and then mix in butter.

4) Spread some cream over each layer, and top with chocolate shavings.

Enjoy and don't eat too much! 

P.S. It's spring!!!


  1. I have to try this!!! It looks fantastic. It's similar to a tart I bought once in an Ikea (!!!).
    And the combination of chocolate and walnuts is always perfect!!

    1. Try this! And then tell me if it's the same you have tasted! :)

  2. Hello. I'm making this recipe and just wondering if the chocolate amount is correct. I just mixed it in and only have a light tan color. Not dark like the photo. I imagine adding the butter will lighten it even more. I think I'll add a little more chocolate. Probably couldn't hurt.

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