Monday, March 05, 2012

Chocolate Truffles

Last week my friend asked me to make a gluten free dessert  for her mother's birthday. I was browsing my recipes and could not decide what to make. And then I remembered the chocolate truffles which I had made a year ago. Problem solved! I knew everybody would like these truffles. Although I was a little bit nervous about making them (I always feel worried when I make desserts for others). But finally they turned out wonderful. The next day my friend told me that her mother liked the truffles very much. Isn't it the most heartwarming compliment for a baker?

Here's the recipe

Chocolate truffles

 225g good quality dark chocolate
150ml heavy cream
1 tbsp cognac*
100g icing sugar
1 tbsp strong coffee, cold
cocoa powder, for covering the truffles

cognac, rum or coffee liqueur***
dried plums or cherries***

*You can use any alhohol you like or leave this out. I used coffee liqueur.
**Original recipe didn't call for any nuts but I wanted to experiment. I took half of the truffle mixture and mixed it with coarsely ground nuts and left some for coating the truffles. You can use any nuts you like.
***First I didn't think dried fruit in the centre will taste good but after I tasted the truffle I was completely satisfied. The truffle is slightly bitter and the sweet fruit in the middle makes it perfect. I used dried plums but I think dried cherries would taste wonderful. You can use any fruit of your choice but it is important to choose soft and rich fruit. I believe you can also dip fruits in rum, cognac or liqueur to make it taste even better (I didn't try this). 

Makes ~40 bite size truffles

1.   In a heavy saucepan on low heat mix the chocolate with heavy cream until the chocolate is melted. Let cool to room temperature.

2.   Mix in the coffee, alcohol and icing sugar. Mix until smooth. (Now if you want to add nuts as I did, take half of the mixture and mix in the nuts.) Cover and refrigerate until firm.

3.  Form the balls and place a small piece of chopped dried fruit in the centre. Roll each truffle in cocoa to cover all sides (if you are using nuts, roll each nutty truffle in chopped nuts).

I couldn't take any more pictures because I made them in the evening and the next morning they were already in the box. Fortunatelly I got a chance to open it and make a couple shots before my friend took them. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Love this! Booze and Chocolate .. my 2 most favoritest things ;)

    1. Ooh I agree.. All-time perfect combination!

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