I like to capture moments and experiences. 

New places, narrow streets, cozy souvenir shops, night town, quiet evenings, a cup of coffee, seasons, deserted fields, fresh mountain air, night sky, strong wind, deep oceans, stormy skies, long roads, ghost towns, strange dreams, cold autumn air, sunny days in the park, fragrant cake in the oven... 

I created Collecting Memories because I wanted to have a space where I could keep my recipes and baking memories. A couple years ago, blogging seemed just a fun activity. Now I realise how much meaningful experience it has given to me. I've improved my photography and writing skills and discovered many people who are passionate about cooking as much as I am. This has encouraged me to continue blogging more and more and grow a collection of recipes which are accessible to the whole world. Here you will find desserts, healthy treats, yummy snacks and hearty vegetarian meals. Thank you for stopping by!
If you have some questions or just want to say hello, contact me on collectingmemoriess@gmail.com.

Happy reading!
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