Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Banana Pancakes With Black Currant Sauce

Recently I've been obsessed with pancakes. I eat them almost every day and there's so much fun to experiment with the ingredients. Today I made myself a batch of banana pancakes. Actually I've never tried to mix mashed banana into the batter. I wasn't sure how much sugar to add and what consistency the batter should have to turn out soft and thick. And can you believe it? I was surprised with the results. The flavors were perfectly balanced. And luckily yesterday I found some frozen currants in my freezer (I had no Idea they were still there). If you like sweet and sour combo, follow the steps below.

1 large ripe banana, mashed
2 small eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup buckwheat flour
3/4 cup all purpose flour
pinch salt
2 tablespoons sugar

Approx. 1 cup of frozen black currants, thawed
2 tablespoons sugar
Sour cream, to serve 

Put the currants into a bowl. Sprinkle the sugar on top and let sit until sugar melts. 

Mix together the dry ingredients and set aside. In another bowl, beat the eggs and pour in the milk. Mix in the banana. Start adding wet ingredients into the dry ones. Mix until combined. Bake in a preheated frying pan until lightly browned on each side.

Serve with a dollop of sour cream and currants.


  1. I have seen this on Foodgawker, and I had to make click!! Didn't know it was yours ;) Hi again!! :P

    I love pancakes!! Well, my favourite dessert is croissant, I can't choose another, but pancakes and crêpes are no worst, I love them!!

    Nice the idea of adding mashed banana, and glad to see that you find the perfect ingredients ratio ;) And, this way, you give us the work made :P and I only have to save your recipe, I hope I can taste it soon!! ;)

    1. Hey again! :D Thanks! If you clicked on this photo on foodgawker that means I managed to make them good-looking! Haha, I tried my best!

  2. Well, I think I came here from Foodgawker my first time, so yeah, I think you must make some good looking photos and food ;)

  3. glad i found your blog! i'm also obsessed with pancakes at the moment. thinking of giving these a try tomorrow. you'll notice i seem to be building a pancakes list in my recipe index! too tasty not to!

    1. It's impossible not to be obsessed with pancakes! They are almost every day food for me;D And I still have so many pancake ideas which have not been realized. For example, the first in my list are cappuccino pancakes. Doesn't this sound fantastic?!


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