Saturday, December 07, 2013

Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding

I was so curious to try making raw pudding made with avocado! The internet is full of amazing pictures of this healthy alternative to the ordinary chocolate pudding. What can I say - this was really delicious. The texture was creamy and you almost can't taste the avocado. I just added a pinch of salt to enrich the flavour a little. I added 100g of honey but if you prefer it less sweet of if your banana is really ripe, first try adding less. There's nothing that could make you feel bad after eating this. Come on, what could be better than a healthy chocolate pudding?! I feel like I'm falling in love with raw food. 

Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding

1 ripe avocado
1 ripe banana
10g dark unsweetened cocoa powder
70-100g honey
pinch salt

1) Place all the ingredients into your food processor and process until smooth. Voila!

Recipe by collecting memories


  1. At first, I thought it was a cupcake:) But this is even better than a cupcake! I <3 avocados and especially the pudding, but I've not tried it with banana. Sounds delicious!

    1. Yes it really looks like a cupcake at first sight :D. Do try it with banana!! Chocolate+banana is an amazing combination for me :)


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